About Really Cool Giveaways

About Us

Raffle Cat is here to give you a fixed odds chance to win really cool prizes you have been dreaming of owning recently! Whether it the latest Tech, Gaming, Cas or Luxury goods, we will have it all, bringing you Cool Dudes & Gals the best for less, winning dream prizes for a fraction of the cost.

We also support others in need, we will be doing regular sponsored and non sponsored competitions where 100% of ticket sales go to a charity of the winners choosing, allowing you to also donate to a place close to your heart as well as winning a really cool prize.

All we ask is you use skill and knowledge to answer the question on the entry page. We always make sure we give the best odds we can and pride ourselves on sourcing the best and most unique prizes

Join our amazing community of incredible cool Dudes & Gals, grab a ticket for a prize you’d love to win & wait for your winning phone call!


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